Our mission at EZ Fit Meals is to be the company that athletes and fitness/health enthusiasts can count on to help them meet their nutritional goals.

We are based in Fresno, CA (in the heart of California’s Central Valley- the richest agricultural region in the USA) and use only the freshest local ingredients in our meals. Our approach and strict quality control procedures ensure that our customers are provided with the most nutritional meals in the marketplace with the variety to meet anyone’s needs and taste preferences.


Chris Garcia, currently a senior at Fresno State, began cooking healthy meals for his friends and family out of his college apartment in 2014. Chris has always had a passion for cooking as well as a passion for fitness and health. Using a cooking style inspired from all that he learned from his grandmother, demand continued to grow for his meals. Chris’ budding business was heard by his college Professor, Jeff Finley, who decided he wanted to see if he could help him grow this business.

Jeff Finley brought the concept to his business partners and a partnership was formed. Since Mr. Finley and Mr. Garcia met in classroom that day, the business has been moved to a commercial kitchen, a full professional website has been launched, and an innovative distribution system of pick up sites has been established. While the company is growing, the goal will remain to provide delicious, healthy meals to the people of Fresno/Clovis in the most cost effective and convenient way possible.


With our customizable menu, you are able to create your own meals to fit any specific diet plan. We also offer a variety of Signature Meals, many of which come from recipes handed down multiple generations. Our breakfast options are designed to help you get the best possible start to the day by providing the fuel your body needs to keep you going strong until lunchtime.


We take the hassle, headache, and dirty dishes out of meal prep and make eating right as easy as it should be.

We believe our tag line says it all…

Eat Clean, Be Lean.